battle the landscape, Ruhrgebiet

    Protokolle aus der Zwischenlandschaft knowbotiq initiierte zusammen mit Tänzern, Bergmännern und semi-fiktiven Figuren forschende Passagen durch den mittlerweile nahezu vollständig abwesenden Kohlebergbau im Ruhrgebiet. knowbotiq entwarf darin diagrammatisch Blicke und Tänze, entwickelte Begegnungen mit Seismologen, stieß auf die lokale, eruptive Historie von Ruhr-Kapitalunternehmungen, bewegte sich physisch und imaginär in vertikalen, großflächig unterhöhlten Landschaften. [...]

distributed passage points- obligatory

                     online cartography, activate link>>>> battle the landscape   protocols of incommensurable landscapes a performative field of  urban investigation in Mülheim an der Ruhr, a landscape fully eroded and traumatized by coal mining – the dances of local adolescents with African migration background,  enacting  postfordistic forms [...]

the macghillie hall presents: coquetry with the camera

In constantly renewed combinations and variants, there are only three protagonists who appear in the ball room – the figure of the unrecognizable BlackGhillie, who in some cases assumes a portrait-like resemblance to the viewer, MacGhillie, and the anonymous “mob, clothes without heads”. The carousel of figures, props and landscapes revolves around them Inscribing the [...]

kotomisi, non essential mix vol 1

kotomisi – non essential mix Vol 1 is a diagram of ornaments and voices, clothes and foldings, performative inventions , audio pieces, and radio tracks. voices: Zulile, Radio Stanvaste/Helen Mijnals, Eiko, MacGhillie remix: Aito, costume: Bilkiss, mask: Lapuneet, visual software: Simon Broggi Shedhalle Zürich, “connect”, 14.7.-11.9.2011 Moscow Biennal, “DADA Moscow”, 22.9.-30.10.2011 Museo Maga, Gallarte (I), [...]

macghillie _ just a void

Brest (F), 1917 macghillie is roaming around, defying a goal, without intention, withdrawing from purpose, crossing the cybernetic loops. macghillie defies classification, attributions are shifted into the void, no will to communicate. recognition does not help. how long this can last in a postutopian space? are there moments for something that does not want to [...]

dancing with’without Darwin

voice-generated ornaments – as a follow-up of the reciprocal affair of critical Blackness and Whiteness, the signifyin’ voice of spoken word artist Zulile Blinker is weaving the post/colonial history/ies via an open mic into ornaments, variations of camouflage/costumes and potential parodistic dances. footnotes:  Charleston Parade, Jean Renoir, 1927

training landscape: tirol

  training landscape  

huwwara_anybody, looking

A participative dis/play – Is the voice of the piece renarrating a TV-report about a failed and half way interrupted attack of a Palestinian boy on an Israelian checkpoint, or,  unfolding a fictive imagination  about a hybridisation of the suicide bomber with a military robot and its surrounding security architecture into an undecodable  animated being?


BlackBenz Race BBR focuses on the often hidden space of Albanian migrants in Switzerland. BBR is aiming to render temporarily visible the dynamics of the Swiss/Albanian migrational space by conducting a semi-fictional car race from Zurich (CH) via Bari (IT), Tirana (AL) and Tetovo (MAZ) to Pristina (Kosovo, UNMIK controlled) and back to Zurich. A [...]

be prepared! tiger!

FEEDFORWARD. The Angel of History Cleaning up after the 20th century. What is progress now? The Angel of History addresses the current moment in history where the wreckage of political conflict and economic inequality is piling up, while globalized forces­largely enabled by the “progress” of digital information technologies ­inexorably feed us forward. The exhibition title [...]


A NEWBORN sign was circulating  through the media, i.e. New York Times, Syndey Morning Herald, BBC and Pravda, and had been made visible by hundreds of  internet-postings in blogs, Flickr and  Youtube. The media presence made the sign apparently  hyperprecise and generic: One could get any information about the sign: Produced by the global advertising [...]

naked bandit/code work

export white_sovereign=’not_here() { while [ enclosed ] ; do echo “naked bandit: here, not here”; echo $white_sovereign| sed -e “s/ ( not_here ) /(& \& ) /g”>; done; } ; ( not_here ) & wait $!’ ; sh -c “$white_sovereign” set-up for audio, code processes and the voice of the audience